About Us

East First Consulting is a group of passionate people who focus on business processes and strategy to help organizations meet their goals while taking into consideration their unique business processes and industry needs.

What We Do

East First Consulting is a consulting group focused on helping organizations outline their organizational goals, building a strategy, and co-creating a plan to accomplish these organizational goals as it pertains to organizational training, business processes, and/or implementing a CRM to manage the business processes. East First Consulting is focused on delivering quality designs paired with proven strategies to support the organizational goals of our clients.

Why Choose Us

East First Consulting has over 15 years of training and curricula design experience paired with a founder who has a master’s degree in Adult Training and Education. We understand key proven adult training education principles and practices to help your organization meet its goals.  East First Consulting takes the time to understand what is unique about your organization and your business processes so a solution can be crafted to meet these unique business processes and the way your CRM instance is established can support your organization and its goals.

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