Salesforce Implementation

Small Business Essentials Quickstart

New to Salesforce Essentials? Need help getting started? East First Consulting architects solutions for your small business processes. We help small businesses customize your sales process, set up workflows, optimize your sales journey, track incoming and recurring revenue, connect with customers via multiple channels and establish best practices in Salesforce Essentials.

Small Business Grow
For businesses that are getting started with Salesforce Sales Cloud, we can get you up and running by leveraging Salesforce Standard features. Small Business Grow includes:

  • App Creation
  • Set up of users
  • Set up of security model
  • Configuration
  • Mapping
  • Integration
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Training
  • After-care Support
  • System Review

Salesforce Training and User Adoption

Salesforce Training and User Adoption

You’ve invested in Salesforce licenses, and you have spent time and effort designing the Salesforce platform for your needs. It’s important for your Salesforce users to be fully trained and prepared to use your new system properly so the system adds value for your small business. Salesforce users and system administrators must feel knowledgeable about your Salesforce instance because training is the most important aspect of adoption of a new technology. East First provides training sessions and training material to empower your Salesforce team.

Bespoke Salesforce Training Courses

We offer customized Salesforce training to ensure your teams are well acquainted with Salesforce and your processes. East First Consulting can create training sessions adapted to your business requirements and company culture that are designed for users who required Salesforce Sales Cloud training and/or new Salesforce administrators you need to get up-to-speed, we can help your business to optimize everyone’s use of the platform

Managed Services

Need virtual administrator?
We are your team. We designed our managed services to help partners to maintain their Salesforce environment.

A virtual administrator can execute the day-to-day system optimization, governance, change requests and ongoing enhancements required of your Salesforce instance. Our Salesforce experts can help you fine-tune, offload Salesforce duties, complete support requests and perform common Salesforce administrative tasks allowing you to focus on your business. Managed services are delivered remotely.

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