East First Consulting offers a wide range of programs to meet your organizations training needs. From Salesforce classes to DEI, our classes offer insight into the skills needed for a successful workplace. We create training courses based on proven adult training principles specifically for your organization that are delivered in a fun learning environment. Our instructors are industry and product experts in order to ensure that what you learn is useful and timely.

Online Live Courses

Learn with us in our interactive, live online career courses. In our courses, you can learn:

  • Technical skills – Salesforce End User and/or Salesforce Admin Training, and more
  • Business skills – Change Management, Sales and/or DEI and more
  • Interpersonal skills – Communication, Leadership, Negotiation and more

Regardless of the learner’s location, online training provides a forum where anyone can be trained and get questions answered. Contact us for our online live course offerings.

Bespoke Training

Each organization is unique and has its own business processes.

Is your business in need to training for your unique organizational culture and set of processes?
Need a customized option for your organization?

We can create a bespoke course specifically designed for your organization’s needs. Contact us to let us know your organization’s requirements and we will design a course tailored to meet your specifications.

Training Consultants

Our training consultants evaluate your organization’s current training program, conduct a need analysis to look at essential components, like scope and budget, changing job descriptions and operating procedures, and create a 360° business analysis to assess if the program aligns with organizational objectives. Contact us to learn more about our training consultants.

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